Water quality monitoring and reporting programs are often required by the California Regional Water Quality Control Boards (RWQCB) during waterfront construction projects. Requirements often vary from site to site, but generally, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, and pH are viewed by regulators as indicators of impairment. Pi Environmental is a leader in implementing marine receiving water quality monitoring and reporting programs. Our state of the art water quality monitor equipment and staff experience in dozens of water quality programs ensures capable and experienced support through the project.

Support for our clients’ projects begins with thorough pre-project planning, which includes a comprehensive review of the site and permit requirements. We help distill permit requirements into a language non-technical people can understand, constantly looking for things that may or may not have impacts on project costs, schedules, or monitoring effectiveness. Our goal is to help our clients comply with permit requirements in the most cost effective manner possible.

Commonly Contracted Services

  • Dredge water quality monitoring
  • Water quality monitoring during marine construction, including pile-driving
  • Autonomous instrument deployments, including ADCPs and buoys
  • Real-time receiving water studies
  • Water quality monitoring for fireworks displays

Experience Matrix

Ports Federal Private/Construction Local Government Non-profit
Dredge material monitoring x x x
Pile-driving monitoring x
Real-time receiving water studies x x
Autonomous instrument deployments x x
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