Pi-Services-GRPi Environmental has the benefit of professional graphic designers and illustrators on staff, to provide clear data visualization, unique process diagrams, and cohesive styling and formatting with every report. Our clients always receive a quality end product, both scientifically sound and beautifully executed.

Pi graphic designers also specialize in the outreach component of a project. Informative brochures, posters, and interpretive signs with vivid illustrations get the message out on water conservation, stormwater pollution prevention, or port and harbor BMPs. Our outreach materials are interesting, creative, and most of all, inspiring.

On the more technical side, we provide intelligent process diagrams and formatting for guidance documents, harbor area management plans, watershed management plans, or historical timelines. We also illustrate and animate conceptual physical BMP designs, landscapes with scientific processes, and scientific instruments in action.

Commonly Contracted Services

  • Environmental awareness presentations for construction contractor training
  • Environmental outreach materials
  • Interpretive design and interpretive planning
  • Document design and formatting
  • Data visualization
  • Illustrated maps
  • Scientific illustration

Experience Matrix

Ports Federal Private/Construction Local Government Non-profit
Environmental outreach materials x x
Interpretive signs and media  x
Scientific illustrations x x x
Diagrams of scientific instruments and processes x x
Document formatting  x
Online environmental education presentations  x
Data Visualization  x
Illustrated Maps  x
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