For almost two decades, Pi Environmental scientists have been providing scientifically sound biological services using industry leading methods. Our thorough understanding of the marine environment, knowledge of the regulatory landscape, and long-standing relationships with others in the marine sciences helps us provide our clients with projects that are completed accurately, on-time, and within budgets. We utilize field surveys methodologies that are consistent with California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) and National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) surveying and reporting requirements. Our in-house remote sensing gear includes side scan sonars, single beam sonars, and remote video that limit the need for divers, thereby reducing potential health and safety risks while performing on water surveys. Pi Environmental is focused on providing defensible data for regulatory review during pre and post disturbance permitting. If your project is involves some level of bottom disturbance or has the potential to impacts sensitive marine resources, contact Pi Environmental today. We enable our clients to manage resources on their schedules, knowing that their projects are receiving the best technical support possible.

Commonly Contracted Services

  • Marine mammal monitoring and acoustic monitoring during marine construction
  • Monitoring for sensitive species during dredging
  • Eelgrass monitoring and reporting
  • Caulerpa¬†surveys
  • Subtidal and intertidal surveys
  • Benthic sampling and investigations
  • Mitigation and planning
  • Grunion monitoring

Experience Matrix

Ports Federal Private/Construction Local Government Non-profit
Eelgrass monitoring and reporting x x
Subtidal surveys x
Intertidal surveys x
Benthic sampling and investigations x
Mitigation and planning x x
Fish tissue collection x x
Marine mammal monitoring x x
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