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Water Quality

Dredge water quality monitoring
Water quality monitoring during marine construction, including pile-driving
Autonomous instrument deployments, including ADCPs and buoys
Real-time receiving water studies
Water quality monitoring for fireworks displays

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Biological Monitoring

Marine mammal monitoring and acoustic monitoring during marine construction
Monitoring for sensitive species during dredging
Eelgrass monitoring and reporting
Caulerpa surveys
Subtidal and intertidal surveys
Benthic sampling and investigations
Mitigation and planning
Grunion monitoring

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Dredged material characterization (TIER I, II, & III)
Outfall characterizations (NPDES)
Grab sampling (SQO Part I, PSEP)
Push core collections
Receiving envelope sampling
TMDL special studies

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Graphics and GIS
Environmental awareness presentations for construction contractor training
Environmental outreach materials
Interpretive design and interpretive planning
Document design and formatting
Data visualization
Illustrated maps
Scientific illustration

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Proven Expertise

Give us your most technically complex, logistically challenging project, and we’ll find a creative solution. If it’s on the water or in the water, we do it.

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