The Pi Fleet

Our growing Pi fleet now includes three vessels. Our two working Whalers are commercial grade, each former government boats. Our 25-ft Whaler Frontier Guardian was custom built for the Cambridge, Massachusetts fire department and our 20-ft Whaler Justice belonged to the Arizona Game and Fish Department. Portable and efficient 18-ft Kirra tackles our long-distance jobs. All of our vessels are equipped with clean 4-stroke power.

25-ft Whaler Frontier Guardian     20-ft Whaler Justice     18-ft Glaspar


The Whalers

25-ft Whaler Frontier Guardian

The leader of our fleet, our 25-ft commercial Whaler Frontier Guardian, was custom built for the Cambridge, Massachusetts fire department for fire fighting and search and rescue operations. Re-powered with brand-new twin Suzuki 4-stroke motors, the You’re Fired (Y.F.) is now reliable, fuel-efficient, environmentally-friendly, and fast. This unsinkable workhorse is equipped with search lights, radar, and AIS for safe operation in all conditions, including night sampling. The Y.F.’s fire pump has been removed, but she still retains her signature red trim from her fire fighting days.

20-ft Whaler Justice

Our 20-ft Whaler Justice is a custom-ordered, former Arizona Game and Fish boat, also commercial grade. It is set up for water quality collection, eelgrass surveys, and marine mammal and avian monitoring.



18-ft Custom Glaspar

Kirra is the little boat that started it all. Coming in at 18 feet, she is tiny but mighty. She was custom-built from a 1960s Glaspar hull, complete with a pinch wheel, wash down, and floodable well for carrying live specimens. She is now an Instagram celebrity, appearing on the Point Arguello Yacht Club page. Recently re-powered with a new Yamaha 4-stroke, she joins the rest of the Pi fleet as a clean, environmentally-friendly vessel. As Pi’s first boat, she has a special place in our heart, and continues her work as our smallest water quality vessel in harbors up and down the California coast.

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