At Pi Environmental, we understand the risks associated with contaminants in the environment and the potential for impacts to sensitive marine species. As a provider of sediment investigation and reporting services, we have taken our collective years of experience working on sediment projects both locally and around the world, and tried to improve our methods, accuracy, and the costs associated with sediment based projects. Pi Environmental was the first firm in California to use small boat based vibracores, which, simply put, collects similar samples to a traditional vibracore at a fraction of the cost. Pi Environmental has a proven capability to perform directly, or as a trusted subcontractor in the support of other projects. We routinely work with other large engineering firms, local, state, and federal agencies, and private clients looking for consultation or support for their sediment related management concerns. If your project is in the CEQA/NEPA planning stage, has an existing NPDES permit, or you are looking to characterize potential dredged material for suitability and disposal alternatives analysis, Pi Environmental can help accomplish your management goals and help make the technically complicated, understandable.

Commonly Contracted Services

  • Dredged material characterization (TIER I, II, & III)
  • Outfall characterizations (NPDES)
  • Grab sampling (SQO Part I, PSEP)
  • Push core collections
  • Diver-collected core options
  • Receiving envelope sampling
  • TMDL special studies

Experience Matrix

Ports Federal Private/Construction Local Government Non-profit
Dredged material characterization (TIER I, II, & III) x x
Outfall characterizations (NPDES) x x x
Grab sampling (SQO Part I, PSEP) x x
Push core collections x
Diver-collected core options x
Receiving envelope sampling x x
TMDL special studies x x
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