Pi Environmental Volunteers at NAAEE conference

 In News

Pi Environmental volunteered at the 44th annual conference of the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE), held in San Diego this year. The theme of this year’s conference was diversity and inclusion.

Conference Presentations

The conference was a success and presentations ranged in topic from watershed restoration to mobile interpretive apps for nature trails. Other topics explored included e-learning, social media, and using art and music in environmental education (EE). Young environmentalists making a difference in their community presented, as well as musicians and artists from Mexico and South America. There was an emphasis on reviving ancient traditions as well as using technology to support EE. Young roundtable participants discussed using social media in EE, and there were presentations on citizen science web sites and outdoor mobile gaming.

About NAAEE and Environmental Education

NAAEE’s mission is to accelerate environmental literacy and civic engagement through the power of environmental education (About NAAEE, para. 2).

Online Education

NAAEE, in partnership with Cornell University and the EPA, will be offering online EE classes through their eecapacity program. Visit the eecapacity web site for details: http://www.eecapacity.net/

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